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Quality Craft Beer from Seagrove, North Carolina

GroundLion Brewing Co. is a father-son company, founded and operating in Seagrove, North Carolina. We are working with the community to stimulate economic growth as we promote the greater Seagrove area as both a pottery and a beer destination. GroundLion Brewing intends to be a place where locals, friends, and strangers can enjoy a variety of locally crafted beers, and expand their knowledge of beer styles and tastes, as well as their palate for beer and food pairing possibilities.

At GroundLion, achieving a well balanced beer is our primary focus. Our beer utilizes new and sometimes unusual adjuncts to enhance and balance the natural flavors of the grain and hops. Opening in several phases, initially as a craft beer bar, we will offer a variety of rotating taps, each pouring perfectly chilled North Carolina beer in a family and pet friendly space for all to enjoy a pint.

While there are currently more breweries in operation today than ever before, a large segment of the American public are still not enjoying the current explosion of craft brewing. Even though the average person lives within 10 miles of a brewery, no brewery or bar even exists within Seagrove…until now. GroundLion will be a place for the local community of artists and newcomers alike to come together and celebrate.

Our Featured Beer: TRIMTAB I.P.A

Engraved on his headstone, the words “Call me Trim Tab” are immortalized along with Buckminster Fuller. A true polymath he contributed significantly to many areas of study during his lifetime. Much of his legacy remains prominent within the modern zeitgeist, perhaps none more than the words that mark his final resting place. Fuller vehemently believed that every member of society had the ability to effect change. He illustrated this as the metaphorical Trim Tab; a small and seemingly insignificant piece of a ships rudder that with little effort facilitates the navigation of the whole ship. This Rye IPA is dedicated to the faith that Buckminster Fuller had in society as a whole and more importantly to the faith he had in the individuals that comprise our global family.

The earthy, piney, resin bitterness from the five different hops utilized in this Rye I.P.A. are supported by a strong, peppery rye malt backbone. The late additions of hops add a subtle citrus fruit flavor, reinforced with the addition of lemon pepper.